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Have We Learned the Lessons from 2003 Budget Cuts?

This is my first post in quite a while. I’m happy to report that I spent last week lying on a beach. I hoped […]

At Meeting Today, TCEQ Stays in Big Coal’s Corner

Updated below Even as EPA formally killed Texas’ “flexible” permitting program today, the Perry-appointed commissioners voted 3-0 2-0 to allow the developers of a […]

Water Shares

Imagine this: Your new neighbors install a powerful pump in their water well, and your well— your drinking water—dries up. In Texas, you would […]

Gulf Coast Nuclear Plants at Risk From BP Oil Spill

Watchdog groups are warning about the BP oil spill’s potential damage to Gulf and Atlantic coast nuclear power plants that use seawater to cool […]

Texas Democratic Platform

For the complete Texas Democratic Platform, click here.  

Education’s Projected Reality

I know it may seem like I have a pretty cushy job at the Observer. After all, I’m not talking to death row prisoners […]