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Federal ARRA funded Cancer Research and Renewable Energy programs? Fuggetaboutit!

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts office released their summary of federal stimulus spending provided by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Despite access […]

Preserving Big Bend on Film

Spending summer in the midst of Texas urban sprawl can be a drag, to say the least. Faced with the sweltering combination that endless […]

And People Thought Rick Perry Was Nutty

Hey, remember that trip back last August that Rick Perry took to Israel? If not, you clearly aren’t getting Bill White’s press releases. But […]

Holding Border Security Hostage

I know I’ve said it before. But, geez, I can’t wait until mid-term elections are over. I’m hoping after November this nation can have […]

GOP Chair: Thanks for Sharing!

When Texas Republicans replaced an incumbent party chair for the first time in 40 years at their recent convention in Dallas, the winner was […]

Help Needed: The Musical

See comments section for updates. Okay friendly readers. I need your help. The Democratic convention starts Thursday, and with both conventions over, we’ll officially […]

Freedom Trap

That Clint Eastwood is the most successful director of the past 20 years isn’t really up for debate. Other filmmakers may have made more […]

The MOLLY Prize Dinner 2010