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“I’m interested in how we behave in various environments and how that behavior influences our perception. With my Nightwalks photographs, I brought a way […]

Cloud Eye Control

There’s something undeniably sexy about Manifest Destiny. Possession, consumption and the wild promise of the unknown are desires that, like it or not, are […]

Civil Wrongs

Counterfeit Justice’s subtitle is The Judicial Odyssey of Texas Freedwoman Azeline Hearne, and author Dale Baum, professor of history at Texas A&M University, makes […]


If it’s approved for an air-quality permit by the TCEQ, White Stallion Energy Center’s “clean coal” facility in Matagorda County would churn out an […]

You, Sir, Are No Rick Perry

Once upon a time (the time being February) I covered a Republican primary race in which a lobbyist was hoping to oust an incumbent. […]

The Insider

In his six years as a TCEQ commissioner, from 2003 to 2009, Larry Soward got a rare insider’s view of how the agency functions—and […]

Documents: TCEQ Emails and Calendars

Chairman Bryan Shaw’s calendar Commissioners Buddy Garcia’s calendar Commissioner Carlos Rubinstein’s calendar Executive Director Mark Vickery’s calendar Deputy Executive Director Zak Covar’s calendar Zak […]

Agency Of Destruction

Note: To download Zak Covar’s emails click here. To judge by size alone, Texas‘ environmental agency should be the mortal terror of polluters. The […]

Obama Sends in the Troops

While conservatives have already started blaming President Obama for not allowing the National Guard to construct gun turrets on top of the 18-foot border […]

Sissy Farenthold Talks About the Death Penalty

Dearly Beloveds! I’d like to suggest a clip from an upcoming documentary featuring my idol SISSY FARENTHOLD called “Saving David Powell.” You can watch it in […]