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Christians vs. Swingers in Amarillo, Texas

For over a year, a small group of militant Christians calling themselves Repent Amarillo have terrorized Amarillo’s underground swingers community.

Joe the Terrorist

We’ll soon be hearing more than we ever needed to know about Joseph Andrew Stack III, the man who burned up his house and […]

Obama’s Gift to Texas Greens

The New York Times has a story out today on how environmentalists are souring on Barack Obama. The early optimism of environmental advocates that […]

Republican of the People

On a Saturday afternoon in Burleson, even the hottest politician in Texas has trouble scoring a table at Babe’s, a popular fried-chicken joint. Her […]

My Crazy Aunt?

A Matter of Principle: Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty

The State of Texas executed Charlie Brooks for the crime of murder on Dec. 7, 1982. The method used in Huntsville that day was […]

The Curse of Oil

Crude World is a piece of firstclass reporting as well as an article of faith. Subtitled c, a more apt summation would be, “Oil […]

Professor Perry Sues EPA, Lectures on Climate Change

I had a long post on the announcement this morning that Perry is suing the EPA over greenhouse gas regulation. But, alas, the new […]

Just for Today, I am Pat Robertson

You know the old saying: You can’t begin to understand another person until you’ve spent some time in his shoes. Today, I’m casting off […]

What’s In It for Me?

Here’s an exercise: Go to your local supermarket, stop 10 people—any 10 people—in the store and ask them how national health care reform, if […]