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Houston’s Coal Problem

In Texas, if you want to build a coal-fired power plant right outside a smog-choked metro area, there‚Äôs really no need to prove that […]

Audio: Interviews with Barnes, White and Farenthold

Ben Barnes Mark White Frances “Sissy” Farenthold Nixon Tapes

Original Observer Stories from the 1972 Primary

The Barnes Dinner: It was indeed a love in — September 4, 1970 Rep. Frances Farenthold: A melancholy rebel — April 9, 1971 Let’s […]

El Paso Charter School Doesn’t Make the Grade

A troubled chain of charter schools is in hot water again. The Rylie Faith Family charter schools run by Karen and Don Belknap of […]

Christians vs. Swingers in Amarillo, Texas

For over a year, a small group of militant Christians calling themselves Repent Amarillo have terrorized Amarillo’s underground swingers community.