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In Hot Water

When Ron Paul made a run for the GOP presidential nomination two years ago he was considered a horse too dark to run by […]

Bring on the Predator drone, bring on the pork

Does the Texas-Mexico border really need a Predator drone to patrol the border from Brownsville to El Paso? Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from […]

Perry’s Money Cannon

Gov. Rick Perry’s “money cannon” shot quite a wad on Wednesday. The campaign claimed it raised $1.3 million with a marketing scheme based on […]

Who Gets Wrongly Convicted and Why

On Feb. 4, Freddie Peacock was cleared of his wrongful conviction for rape 33 years ago in New York state.  He’s the 250th innocent […]

He Who Casts the First Stone

A little over a year ago, Amarillo’s swingers geared up for their New Year’s Eve party at Route 66 Party and Event Rental, a […]

The Chosen One

In a nondescript strip mall tucked between used-car lots and fast-food restaurants in southwest San Antonio, Linda Chavez-Thompson is plotting the course of her […]

Perry’s Corporate Welfare Shenanigans

Governors and mayors love to win a prize in a game called “Corporate Welfare Roulette.” It’s a sort of casino game–politicos throw wads of […]

Dept. of Corrections

Best newspaper correction I’ve seen in a while. From New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist James Gill: “I am sorry to disappoint all the readers who […]

The New Republican Right

The Republican Party’s right wing might not contain a large number of openly Darwinian folks, but you have to admit, this political species does […]

Open Records: Behind UT’s Decision to Kill the Cactus Cafe

[Note: For the time-being, please download the high-resolution files here, not from the menu to the right.] For those of you not following this […]