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I remember playing tagwith my daughters:they never caught me thenand never would; or that last gameof hide and seek,when night felland they went to […]

Bogus Science Peddled by TCEQ

If TCEQ disappeared tomorrow, would anyone know the difference? Sometimes I wonder. Here’s the latest: After years of citizen complaints about air pollution linked […]

The Health Care Debacle

I survived the Bush years by employing a simple mantra: “It’s best not to think about it.” I would mutter this to myself whenever […]

National Geographic’s War on the Border

Are we at war with Mexico? National Geographic seems to think so. The “Nat Geo” cable channel has a new series out called the […]

Let’s Chuck the Bottle

I know we’re a nation of inveterate consumers, but who would buy pollution in a bottle? Millions of Americans do, to the tune of […]

Calvin Tillman, Mayor of DISH

Until recently, the North Texas town of DISH (population: 181) was best known–if it was known at all–for changing its name from Clark in […]

Perry Pitches the California Model

Gov. Rick Perry has made a habit of mocking California. In speeches, he loves to boast that workers and companies are bolting the Golden […]

Gridiron Profiling

The North Central Texas Fusion Center, a regional counterterror system owned by Collin County’s Homeland Security Department, appears intent on making intelligence stupid. In […]

Katz Being Katz

Marc Katz revels in doing things a little differently. He’s best known for owning a New York-style deli in downtown Austin. Though he’s never […]