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Top 5 Contrarian Moments of 2010

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means it’s time for customary best-of-2010 lists. In my case, I’ve compiled the most surprising, ridiculous, hilarious and mendacious […]

Judge to RadWaste Commission: ‘Not So Fast’

Opponents of Harold Simmons’ West Texas radioactive waste empire got a last-minute reprieve today. Austin Judge Jon Wisser ordered a temporary halt to rules […]

A So-Called RINO Joins the Tea Party Caucus

There are good surprises—cool Uncle Jim is coming to Christmas—and there are bad surprises—weird Auntie Edna’s making her special version of Jello salad. Then […]

Texas and the Feds Fight Fake Pot

  When I was working on a feature on Barry Cooper, the former narcotics officer turned marijuana advocate, he told me he had come […]

Goodbye to a River?

There are many ways to kill a river: dams, pollution, over-pumping. But the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) just added a new way: […]

“All That We Share” Isn’t Enough

Robert Jensen wrote a review of a new book on “the commons” that sparked an exchange with the book’s editor, Jay Walljasper. Jensen’s previously […]

Letting Go

For Emily Parents left behind in Holland must have felt the same loss.   What did they care about beaver pelts and land grants? […]

Death Of The Myth

Texas. Even for Texans, the word calls to mind cowboys, cattle barons and oil tycoons, but how many of those do you know? Even […]

Redistricting: What Do You Get for the Grand Old Party That Has Everything?

Let there be no doubt: Texas is a popular place to live. In case you missed yesterday’s U.S. Census release, Texas has a lot more […]

You Don’t Need to Go to Mexico to Write about the Drug War

Mexican journalists have complained for some time that their U.S. counterparts are not doing enough to report on drugs, weapons and money in the […]