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Fact-Checking Kay

Updated It seems Sen. Hutchison is giving Rick Perry a run for his money when it comes to dubious claims about climate change legislation. […]

A Willingham Coverup?

The exercise of raw power is truly stunning to behold. Gov. Rick Perry today has replaced three members of the Forensic Science Commission, which […]

The Cost of Doing Nothing

We’re hearing a lot of talk these days from conservatives about the high price of health care reform. We can’t afford that, they say. […]

Are We Bilateral Yet?

Under the Obama Administration, there’s been a renewed push by the Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies to take a more […]

“Internet Sabotage” and Cash for Votes: Rick Perry’s Excellent Tuesday Morning

The Perry campaign has been hyping its Obama-style, cutting-edge grassroots and social-media savvy to anybody who’d listen. And if you didn’t believe them, they […]

Dept. of Inconsequential Punishment

The death row inmate who called state Sen. John Whitmire last year with a smuggled-in cell phone (and later threatened to kill him) has […]

Kay Bailey’s Take on Health Care

We know what Rick Perry thinks of health care reform (and it ain’t positive). We also know what he’d do about it if he […]

The Dish from DISH: Carcinogens in the Air

Updated I’m reading through the results of an eye-opening air quality study that found potentially dangerous levels of carcinogens from natural gas activity in […]

Hanging with the Border Sheriffs in Yuma

U.S.-Mexico Border Czar Alan Bersin paid border sheriffs a visit yesterday in Yuma at their annual southwestern border sheriff’s conference. What in the @$#& […]

Tx MSM Drops the Ball in Coverage of “Cap and Trade Summit” Coverage

On Tuesday, as noted in a post yesterday, three state agencies invited a bunch of Exxon-funded climate denialists and representatives from carbon-intensive industries to […]