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Junkyard Jim

The least peaceful person I have ever known has died peacefully. May he rest in peace. Jim Mattox was restless, irrepressible, and combative on […]

Slow Train to Freedom

That Abraham Lincoln “freed the slaves” may be the most enduring myth in American history. “But wait!” you say, remembering the fine print of […]

A Quiet Life, but Not Desperate

I wonder how many residents of Gonzales, Texas, are aware that a luminous work of art has been created on the streets of their […]

Many Happy Returns

Now that the long election season is behind us, surely citizens of all political stripes can agree on one thing: At last we’ll get […]

The Ground Game

It was a voyage of discovery. The initial challenge in 2008 was to unlock the political meaning of America’s presidential terminology-to find what the […]

Are You In Good Hands?

Rick Perry was talking tough. It was August 5, 2002, and the Texas governor had been joined at a news conference in Houston by […]

The Castaways

On restless nights, the Rev. Norris Burkley Sr. drives the streets of Galveston’s North Side, counting homes with lights on. It’s his way of […]

Political Intelligence

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The nation’s financial crisis has already taken down Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Washington Mutual. Now one of Texas’ […]


If you’ve ever been moved to wonder why otherwise enlightened liberal intellectuals can be positively dimwitted when it comes the South, you’d have found […]


NITS TO PICK There are numerous misstatements in this article (“Whack-a-Speaker,” Nov. 28). Two in particular jump out. First, there was no “deep gridlock” […]