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A Simple Mind Run Amok

The title of Glenn Greenwald’s informative book is misleading in three ways. First, the historically naïve and religiously motivated Manichean worldview behind the foreign […]

Political Intelligence

FENCING OVER THE FENCE Tucked into the 2005 federal Real ID Act is a little-noticed provision, Section 102, that gives the Secretary of the […]

Jim Hightower

James Madison, renowned as the Father of the Constitution, would be appalled by the fecklessness of our current Congress-specifically by its cowering in the […]

How Sweet the Sound

This year marks the 75th anniversary of gospel’s bedrock song, “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.” Recorded by Chicago piano man Thomas Dorsey following the […]

The Cuban Enigma

Here are three books that plot a trajectory in the tormented life of Cuba, the island at our back door and one of the […]

Confessions of an Ex-Protester

When I was 10, George Bush Sr. kicked off the first Gulf War with a dramatic countdown to midnight. Either Saddam pulled out of […]


GO TO THE TOP Some observations regarding the editorialist’s suggestion about contacting sundry U. S. senators (“Molly’s Last Crusade,” October 5). Thanks to that […]


If all the people in the Texas criminal justice system lived in a single community, it would be the fourth largest city in Texas. […]

Life and Death in a Cold, Lonely Cell

CORRECTION: In our November 16 issue, we made several errors in describing the criminal record of Sid Hawk Byrd, author of the story “Life […]

Give Me Shelter

Death by lethal injection is but a circle come full. Lady Justice is not blind. She has 20/20 vision. Her actions shriek, “How you […]