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Louisiana Justice

So there is Al Sharpton, and here am I, crying in the truck while a man gets arrested. In Jena, Louisiana, the Rev. Sharpton […]

What the Fifth is Taking

Carla Main gives the notion of eminent domain a personality and a persona, bringing humanity and a slap-you-into-reality perspective to the political debate over […]

An Imaginary Crisis

Why read a book about tort “reform” four years after the Texas Legislature passed a sweeping rewrite of the state’s civil justice laws that […]

Jim Hightower

The Bushites don’t much care that the number of Americans without health coverage has increased by 7 million since they’ve been in charge, including […]

Political Intelligence

Hogs at the Trough The Ivory Tower is indeed gilded for the chiefs of American universities and colleges. Like their corporate counterparts, they are […]


It’s almost hard to believe these days that not too long ago, tuition at Texas colleges and universities was the cheapest in the nation. […]


BLOWHARDS Truer words were never spoken. (“Too Much Hot Air,” November 2) We must insist that politicians of every stripe get serious about global […]

Leaves of Gold

They stood lined up against the wall, some beckoning with lusty promises of easy riches. Just sign on the dotted line, they said, and […]

Suzy Roberts Never Had a Prayer

The No. 1 rule of Pearland politics is, “Don’t Feed the Christians.” Don’t give them anything to work with-no questions, no jokes, nothing. You […]

The Power of Drug Courts

For nearly 20 years, Joel Bennett shuttled drug addicts through courtrooms. He dutifully sent them off to prison, first as a prosecutor and later […]